Mark Pearl

There is a tax on productivity/how fast you can move when trust is low

Trust has 4 cores 1) Integrity
2) Intent
3) Capability
4) Results

There are different waves of trust 1) Self Trust
2) Relationship Trust
3) Organizational Trust
4) Market Trust
5) Societal Trust

Self Trust

Self trust == credibility


  • Honesty => Being honest & leaving the right impression
  • Congurence => When there is no gap between intent and behaviour. You are not driven by external forces
  • Humility => Being more concerned about what is right instead of being right, You stand on the shoulders of others
  • Courage => Courage to do the right thing


  • Motive => The reason for doing something
  • Agenda => It’s what you intend to do or promote because of your movtive
  • Behaviour => Manifestation of motive and agenda


  • Talent => Do you have an aptitude to do it
  • Knowledge => Do you know how to do it
  • Skills => Have you done it before
  • Capacity => Do you have time to do it
  • Ability =>


  • Past => Have you delivered results in the past
  • Preset => Are you currently delivering results
  • Future => Do others believe you will deliver results in the future

Relationship Trust

What you do has far greater impact than anything you say.

Trust accounts

  • A relationshp has two trust accounts, one for each direction of the relationship
  • What one person thinks is a deposit is not necessarily seen the same way by the other
  • Withdrawls are usually larger than deposits (when you do something wrong, the impact is often far bigger than doing something right)

There are 13 behaviours that support the 4 cores in relationship trust
1) Talk Straight
2) Demonstrate Respect
3) Create Transparency
4) Right Wrongs
5) Show Loyalty
6) Deliver Results
7) Get Better
8) Confront Reality
9) Clarify Expectations
10) Practice Accountability
11) Listen First
12) Keep Commitments
13) Extend Trust

Extending trust

When you extend trust, if you give it to everyone you can be vulnerable, if you give it to noone you are unproductive. Use SMART Trust to be strategic on how to extend trust.


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