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With MIX2011 starting today I thought it was quite ironic that I have spent the last few days watching MIX2010 (I guess that means I am at least a year behind the world Winking smile).

One of the presentations that I really enjoyed had very little to do with programming, but I found extremely entertaining and almost immediately useful. It was title “The Art, Technology, and Science of Reading” and was presented by Kevin Larson who works in Microsoft’s Advanced Reading and Technology team.

So, if you have the time, give it a watch, if not, I have listed a few of the slides/points he brought up for quick reference below…

Font Legibility Score

Fonts2011-04-12 12-39-12 PM

Other points he brought up…

ClearType subpixel spacing improves readability and standard based web pages in IE9 have this enabled. Reduced eye fatigue with larger, higher contrast text. Use Font size 12 point, black on white text. Do not use 9 point, grey on grey text. Choose font personalities that match your content. There are cognitive benefits for good page layout. A well designed page is more likely to be impactful and cause the reader to act on the message.

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