Mark Pearl

These notes are based on the talk on Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Encourage it between the people you work with
When guidance is great we call it radical candor
The vertical axis is the give a damn axis The horizontal axis is the ability to piss people off

We’ve been told when we are growing up if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all We have a moral obligation to give people feedback

How can you be radically candid

  • in private if it is criticism

If you cannot offer radical candor, the second best thing you can do is become an asshole

The worst place to be is runious empathy

Guideance = Praise + Criticism Give F F Get F F
Encourage F F

You are going to make your most important lessons and your most important mistakes on the backs of other people

Four things you can do

  • Impromptu guidance
  • Make backstabbing impossible, don’t let people talk badly about each other in front of you
  • Make it easier to speak truth to power
  • Put your own oxeygen mask on first

Changing behavior is hard, pick one or two things you would like to change


Radical Candor Website

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