Mark Pearl

Saw this on twitter on predictability, thought it was worth considering…

So you want predictability…

  • Let us focus 100% on the effort
  • Colocate everyone (the capital “T” Team). Remove all dependencies
  • Give us the tools we need, and provision consistent environments
  • Establish a psychologically safe environment for the team
  • Provide instant and direct access to customers for research/validation
  • Provide access to meaningful data and insights
  • Let us work down on relevant technical debt (that will impact predictability)
  • Let us hire people who have solved this exact problem in a perfectly similar context
  • Let us use the software development methodology that suits us
  • Make meeting rooms and soudproof rooms available at all times
  • Make anyone who is supposed to review/sign-off instantly available to team
  • Give the team time to get to know each other, and establish trust
  • Remove all extraneous non-value-add processes
  • Eliminate any managerial sub-optimization, politics, and buereaucracy
  • In lieu of all this, we’ll do what we can on our end. We’ll do our best

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