Mark Pearl

Notes based off [Developing a Computer Computer Science specific Learning Taxonomy] paper.


  • a way of classifying things to have a common language between people.
  • can be used to define the curriculum objectives of a course so it is described in the level of understanding for each topic

Problems with Blooms Taxonomy

  • did not find terms synthesis and evaluation useful in descriving learning outcomes and assesment tasks for programming courses, especially at introductory level

Review of Existing Taxonomies

Critical Thinking Model…

Unified domain taxonomy

Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome (SOLO)

Instructional Design

The use of taxnomies in comuter science education literature

Examples of the use of taxonomies in some canonical comuter science courses

Introductory Programming Example

Database Example

Computing Professionalism Example

What is specific about computer science?

Two dimensionsal adaption of Bloom’s Taxonomy

Applying taxonomies interatively

Conclusions and recommendations

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