Mark Pearl
  • Issues with sprints and people when they get under pressure to decrease on the quality of the technical work
  • User stories that never get “finished”
  • Stop using story points
  • Agile happy meal (sprints, stories and standups)
  • Definition of done, some person guessing that you are done when nobody has used the software yet
  • Let’s get out of the deliverables business - delivering more stories, how important is this for our users

Release rage - you work 40-50 hours a week, and on top of it you have to do a release every friday night. It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to run screaming…

The Donald Trump of Agile - promises everything and delivers very little.

The business is going to tell us what to do, and then agile is going to help us make it better

Our purpose is to make people awesome

  • We are giving someone a product that elevates their potential, ideally makes them awesome (for our users, co-workers, managers, stakeholders)

Make safety a prerequisite

  • You can have all the features in your product, but if it deletes data by mistake you have nothing.
  • This also applies in your culture, make safety a prerequisit is a key to high performance

Experiment & Learn Rapidly

  • We don’t want to guess

Deliver value continously

  • We are living in a world where everything is becoming continous

The future is already here - it’s just not very evenly distributed

More wisdom, less process - books gives us wisdom.

How many of you here have we found agile moving into other areas than just software development

  • the HR department really needs to become agile
  • Sales & marketing

Modern agile is saying, let’s speak in a language that is open to many human endevours, not just software development

Spoke about anzeneering, then pivoted and ended up with Modern Agile

We are no longer working in fixed length time boxes, we have moved into variable length time boxes - we were just trying to find valuable work to do and ship it

  • Scrum is aging, it was invented in 1993
  • We need to get out of the old stuff and be open minded enough to try new ways of working

Results over rituals

  • We want outcomes
  • We want really happy customers
  • We want to focus on results

You need to focus on making an awesome user, instead of an awesome team or an awesome product

  • This is a subtle but important difference
  • Understanding the end user
  • Make people awesome is inspired by this, but goes beyond it - we want to make a whole ecosystem of people that we want to make awesome

What’s your bullet train thinking - what are you going after that is so incredible that you have no idea how you are going to get there?

Make Safety a prerequisite

  • If you have a culture of fear, none of your fancy practices or processes are going to get you anywhere.

  • Encourage everyone to contribute
  • Lisen to one another
  • Review / Repeat Peoples Points
  • Avoid Dominating or interrupting
  • Be caring, curious and nonjudgemental

Safety is a pre-requisite, we do it with TDD etc.


  • A process for identifying what can go wrong, before it goes wrong

In a world of hyper competition and non stop distuption, playing it safe is the riskiest coure of all

  • Experiment and learn rapidly
  • Little tiny bets

Continous retrospective > Lynda Rising

We need to think about the options instead of taking things off a backlog and doing it blindly

We are working on much bigger failures right now - Jeff Bezos

Failing is considered perfectly normal at Amazon

Make it safe to deploy When we could deliver to production any time of the day it just wasn’t stressful anymore

Never place a worker only one defense away from failure. - Todd Conklin

Hold blameless retrospectives

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