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So, I listen to podcasts allot… it started with DNR and now I have number of tech podcasts that I listen to regularly. What I have found with most of them is that they follow the same thread and same topics which means it can get boring at times. So it is refreshing when you come across one that is totally different and useful and that expands your perspective.

That’s what happened with the latest podcast of TechZing – show 76 titled Thomas Thurston / Modelling Disruption.

What I liked about this particular podcast is that it was really relevant to me. I am a founder and software developer for a small software company that has been around for about 10 years now. When I initially started the business we had dreams of innovation and money and all the things that go through a 20 year olds mind. While I have really enjoyed the ride, we have never really realized the money part of the dream, mainly because we would launch innovative products and not capitalize on them quickly enough to have the established businesses in the market copy our innovation and capitalize on them themselves. That’s where Thomas’s comments have really helped. It has given me new clarity on how to approach entering the market with a new innovative product and succeeding. How to disrupt the market and what to expect as a retaliatory response from the existing competitors in the market.

If you have dreams of doing your own startup I would highly recommend listening to this particular podcast. Well done TechZing!

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