Mark Pearl


Being exposed to one stimulus affects how you respond to another stimulous.

Priming can be used to get people to focus on different content more than others.


If someone does something for you, you naturally will want to do something for them.

Giving sweets when a waitor gives a bill increases the tip.

Social Proof

People will adopt the beliefs or actions of a group of people they like or trust.

Decoy Effect

One price point is intentionally included to entice you to choose the most expensive option.


Online Subscription $59
Print Subscription $125
Online & Print Subscription $125


“Only 3 seats left at this price”…


People base their decisions on the first piece of information they receive.

Anchoring is important to know if you are running a sale. You want to clearly state the initial price of the product (anchoring) and then display the sale price.

Baader-Meinhof Phenonenon

Once you notice something, you start noticing it all the time.

Verbatim Effect

People remember the gist of what was said instead of the specifics.


People groups things to make it easier to remember

Loss Aversion

Once someone has something, they really don’t like to lose it.


10 Revealing Principles of Human Behaviour

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