Mark Pearl


Content is king, create the content, the design should work around the content.

Aspects that should influence design:

  • Audience (Age, Race, Gender, Cultural Niche)
  • Tone (Casual, Formal, Friendly, Sarcastic)
  • Purpose (Infromational, Conversational)


Typeface Mixing
  • Don’t choose two fonts from the same style (e.g. two fonts that are both humanist serif).
  • Don’t choose two fonts from the same class (e.g. two fonts that are both seri).
  • When mixing classes find a similar trait (e.g. using two fonts that share one thing in commong, but are otherwise different).
  • Strive for contrast over harmony.


  • Leading is the amount of space between lines.
  • Good leading is around 120-150% of the body copy size (e.g. line-height: 1.5)


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