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Recently, I received an email from a leader that I thought exemplified great communication around a tough topic. In an effort to use this going forward I’ve put the essence of the format used below.

A critical issue found in our system that needs to be fixed immediately

Hi all,

I have some very unfortunate news.

Put explanation of what has happened.

Immediately we must:
* Put bullet point of what needs to happen
* Put bullet point of what needs to happen

This is a bit of an own-goal and own-goals aren't good, but we need to own it and take the immediate corrective action to re-establish confidence and trust in our processes, systems and implementation. This mandate will no doubt be disruptive to some existing work elements and for that I apologise. It is however necessary.

Many thanks

A farewell email to someone leaving the team

Hi all

I wanted to take the time to provide you with updates from *Department X*

We will be saying good-bye to *Person X* at the end of *Date* after nearly *Time period* with the *area* team. *Person X* will take on a new role outside of *Company name* as a next step in *Her/Him* career journey. 

*Person X* has worked across *where they have worked*, and I know *she/he* will be missed. I want to take the time to recognise the impact *Person X* has had in making *Company name* a great place to work. *He/Her* passion for the *Company name* team is undeniable, and we wish *her/him* great success in *his/her* career.

We are opening a *role name* role based out of *Location name*, and you will see an ad go out this shortly. 

Please reach out to *Person X* directly and thank *him/her* for *his/her* hard work, dedication, and passion for the *Company name* journey!

A email challenging a decision around pay

Hi X,

I know we spoke about this previously but am raising it one last time. I know {Person Y} is moving from {Company X}, and it seems a small thing, but the potential bump {he/she} would have received if {he/she} had remained.

I am fully cognizant of the strategic review and its impact on the teams and the adjusted timelines due to the changes. Had the review period been {month x} as in previous years {Person Y} would have qualified for an increase and backpay to {month x}.

Even for a short a period as this is, there is a fairness I feel we are missing here.

I'm happy to chat on this and come to an understanding.

Appreciate your assistance.

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