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These notes are based off the talk by Dan North called “Byond Developer”

  • Most technical innovations start in the military, then they go to academia, and then finally into commerce
  • In the 60’s computers got simple enough that even men could do it, things also began to specialize

We started to have commandments…

  • You shall have…

Around 2001 we got the New Testament…. agile…

The agile manifesto is a fantastically enduring document, in 15-20 years it is still probably going to be relevant

When Amazon decides to develop software, they start with a press release… this is how we would like the thing we are going to make work and this is why you should invest in it

Beyond Developers

I am … a developer
… in a team
… building a product
… on a platform
… in a department
… in an organisation

a developer … learns a language
… learns libraries … monitors the alternatives
… learns the toolchain
… engages in the community

Engaging in the community does not meaning copying stuff off stack overflow and voting it up when it works… it means going to meetups, speaking to people, etc.

in a team
… understands the process
… understands the roles
… collaborates with others…all the others!
… attends to the team’s health

“I’m sorry kids, you have to learn how to share your toys… collaborating means collaborating!”

** Two things… Impact & Influence **

  • Impact is what you can do
  • Influence is what you can get other people to do around you

Pair programming isn’t two people sitting at a computer when one programs, it is two people programming…

Most of the software that I’m really proud of is software that I didn’t write.

Tim Mkinin - velocity of zero. (find out more about Tim Mkinin)

The team attends to the teams health, the team removes the teams obstacles

… building a product

  • understands the business objective
  • studies the domain
  • knows the stakeholders …all the stakeholders!
  • contributes to the product

“Stakeholders are people who lives you touch”

Shifting left, move gate keepers to people that we engage with.

Being at cause or being at effect, if you are at cause you react, if you are at effect you are proactive

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