Mark Pearl

Every once in a while when I start reading a new book I have this suspicion that it is going to suck, and then somehow during the process of reading it - it wins me over. This is how I felt about “Behind Closed Doors”.

When I began the first chapter it felt way to simple - and in some ways it was - but after working through the book I realize that in being so simple it put across a really powerful message on management.

After reading it cover to cover I would recommend this book to anyone working in management who wants to get a solid grasp of the fundamentals that will make you a great manager.

Because the book is written in such a pragmatic and easy to read format you must read it end to end, that said, there were a few gems I would like to highlight.

pg. 50 - Explanation of Team vs a Workgroup
pg. 79 - Defining career goals
pg. 93 - Obligation to provide feedback
pg. 102 - Emotions
pg. 105 - Career Development
pg. 110 - Digging yourself into a hole pg. 116 - What management is

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