Mark Pearl

Apprenticeship is a long term investment

Difference between Intership, Graduate Programs & Apprenticeship

  • Internship is like dating, just cause you are going on a date with someone doesn’t mean you will marry them.

Structured vs. Organic Curriculum

Mindset of Apprenticeship

  • Apprentices should really want to become software developers, they shouldn’t be doing this to ‘try’ out coding
  • Apprentices are paid lower than normal industry wages, they are taking a financial hit to have a long term investment in developing skills

Length of Apprenticeships

  • Question to ask at end, would you hire them?

Qualities of Mentors

  • Comfortable pairing / working collaboratively with people (doesn’t slow them down so much when mentoring)

Competancy Continuim for Software Development

Expecations of Time with Apprentice

  • First 2-3 weeks intense time spent with apprentice
  • Weekly checkin with mentor after that
  • Apprentices should pair or work collaboratively BUT have time to intentionally learn on their own
  • Apprentice should have an opportunity to pair, be in the trenches, add value to the team
  • Weekly lunch and learns, apprentices should attend these, impart concepts that aren’t learn’t directly through pairing

How to handle when it isn’t working out

How to keep apprenticeship up-to-date with technology


8th Light Apprenticeship Checklist

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Wikipedia on Apprenticeship
The Modern Software Apprenticeship - Doug Bradbury

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