Mark Pearl

I have attempted to read this book several times. Each time I make it about 10 minutes in and then loose any will to live. From what I can tell, it is a collection of academic papers compiled as a book. I found the title to the book very misleading. I find the book itself lacks the inspiration I look for in technical books or the continuity in thought. All the chapters I have read so far seem to have a massive context switch. I worry that somewhere in this book is something that can radically change my life and view on software architecture - but alas - I have not found it yet and it isn’t worth the effort.

Interesting Snippets

Pg. 27 - Comparing the origins of Architecture

Virtuvius, the classic Roman architect, characterized architecture as the joining of Commodity, Firmness, and Delight… In software engineering - if there really be such a thing - we have worked thoroughly on Firmness, some during the last 10 years on Commodity, and none on Delight. To the world of computer science, there can be no such thing as Delight because beauty and anything from the arts or the so-called soft part of human activity has nothing to do with science - it is mere contingency.

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