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Governance and Accountability 

Assuming there is an overall project plan for external management of messaging - at Program
Clear roles and responsibilities - Appoint Change Management Lead or own for accountability on overall program
Define Change Management Cross Functional Team including - PPC, Legal, Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Representatives, Communications Lead
Define Governance Review Process  Define Key Milestones (-) pre-launch date
Define top line Communication Plan and Run of Show end to end including all employees and Product Delivery - 2 weeks before go live
Define Key Messaging Agreed Points
Create guidance sheets on what can and cannot communication and how


Create Stakeholder mapping – who needs what and when 
Align with other significant programs to ensure no intersection in communications
Appoint a communications focal - all communications developed and distributed by this person 
Draft core communication messaging at Program Level  - 1 document 3-5 pages
Adapt Communication for Project - consistent with overall 3-5 pages
Create standard org wide FAQs
Align communications company, PDLT, Leader to ensure clarity
Align program comms and Experience Comms 

Systems and Processes

Change Survey - 4 weeks - weekly  (understanding the need for change, Right level of information, tools, relationships, know how to be successful in the first 4 weeks)
Tools and Systems Review, Process Review - what needs to change 

Organisational & Talent Changes 

Define what success looks like in 4 weeks
Identify new talent capabilities needed 
Identify and test approach to talent selection for viability - review with PCC on employment legal review 
Create and Review Organisational alignment changes with PPC - including a review for org health (SPOC, layers, Sizes) 
Create and Review any Proposed Individual Impact Analysis with PPC - review of material changes in scope complexity or role 
Identify Individual risk edge cases and mitigation plans
Identify critical talent needed to retain through the program 
Identify any RIF needed


Create manager scripts for 1:1 - no change, change manager, change role other 

Organisational & Talent Changes 

Define process for confirming changes post manager discussions
Define escalation process for employees who have concerns , including er issues etc
Define process for formalising to employees (individually the changes) will they receive a confirmation email? Or is it all verbal?
Define process for capturing and updating employee changes in Bamboo HR

Building an alliance team

Identify Champions and Dissenter List 
Identify mitigation plan for decent e.g. involve them early and often
Provide Change management training to champions and managers if having 1:1 conversations
Brief the Executive Team on the approach to change - 1 week before go live 
Brief the Leadership Team on the approach to change - 1 week before go live  provide them with scripts and FAQ
Create and Manage Risk Log Daily - common asked questions etc
Create daily stand up 15 minutes on implementation - Change Team and Gov Lead


Detailed Run of Show for Execution of Communication (wider communications - individual people leaders, people leader training, individuals impacted) 
Team verses (new - old) new old manager 
Run of show on the day of communications - who is leading these comms


Short Term Objectives 0- 4 weeks (what needs to have been done systems, people and processes) 
Cost Centres/Department Changes/Budget Changes 
Performance Reviews 
Goals Setting
Map the Capability or Skill gaps and plans  up skilling map defined in 0- 6 months - are they working on new tech? new tools? new processes
Cultural Shifts - what if any new behaviours are expected - how will you know when we have seen?
Sign off on \(\) for new HC - Do we need to augment current capability

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